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Ordering A Martingale Dog Collar

Please note: this page contains valuable information about what's involved with placing an order. Please scroll through this entire page and then enter the store to place your order using the link at the bottom of the page.

At Royal Image Collars, we give you two great choices for outfitting your dog with a beautiful and safe Martingale dog collar. You can order a ready-made, designer Martingale dog collar in one of 15 different designs, or you can design your own collar for that just-right look and feel! Please read this page over carefully so that you understand the process for ordering your collar.

Design your own collar or choose one of our beautiful ready-made feature collars. The choice is yours!

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Ready-made Martingale dog collar image at Royal Image Collars

Measurements are required for all orders!

No matter which way you go, it is required that you tell us some important measurements from your dog's neck. We want to sell you the proper size for the right look, feel, and safety of your dog. This is required information for both the custom-order collars and the ready-made choices.

Measurement Guide (required for all orders!)

The order form for each and every collar asks for three very important measurements from your dog's neck. Your dog's safety depends on these measurements.

We suggest you take the measurements and then write them down so that you have them when it comes time to enter them on the order form.

Please take the following measurements:

Measurement guide for a Martingale dog collar from Royal Image Collars
  1. Measure around the circumference of the dog's skull at the widest point in front of the ears.
  2. Next, take the actual circumference at the smallest point of the throat, just behind the ears and jaw bone.
  3. Finally, measure the widest circumference at the center of the neck between the skull and top of the shoulders (withers).

Options for custom collar orders

Build A Custom Collar That Suits Your Dog's Style!

Note: if you are ordering a ready-made designer collar, you can ignore this section. Skip right to the next section, “Place your collar order”.

When you order a custom collar from Royal Image Collars, you get to choose from several categories of colors and accessories to create a dazzling collar for your beloved dog.

Remember, you'll be choosing 5 options from the order worksheet when you visit the store to place your collar order.

To make the selection process easier, we've put together an order worksheet featuring all of the options that go into choosing a custom Martingale dog collar. Before proceeding to the “Place your order” section below, you'll want to open the order worksheet and look over all of the options. (The worksheet opens in a new window.) You'll want to keep the worksheet open for easy viewing as you proceed through the order form. Some people just have the worksheet open on the screen, some people print the order worksheet, some people write down their choices before visiting the store. The choice is yours!

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